I have a few passions in life with video production being my main one but I also love photography, both digital and film, I collect and use film cameras, listen to vinyl and buy old vintage stereos like Marantz, Sansui, Sony, Technics, and so on. Old gear often has issues and some of those issues can be deadly, literally, as faulty gear can burn your house down. Recently I discovered a hidden gem in our City (Edmonton, Alberta ) and that is Joseph of Sigma Electronic Services. He is a real old school repair guy and knows his stuff!

I was so happy with his work and knowledge that I have been using him steadily for the last few months. I have had a few items repaired and this time I brought my camera along to capture some of the work he does. This was a simple repair of a beautiful Technics SA 600. All it needed was a good cleaning and one cap replaced. I have some cosmetic work to do on it yet and then it will be as good as new. If You have electronics, especially vintage, check out sigmaelectronicservices.com

Here is a short and sweet video of the process.
Disclaimer – the music was his! Nothing against ABBA but …

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