Video Production & Cinematography Resources

B&H Photo is an amazing resource for not only finding fair market values of photography and video production gear, but also for reading real user reviews with all the pro’s and cons. Unlike Bestbuy or Amazon reviews, the ones found here are mostly by enthusiasts and professionals who tend to be more critical with their reviews.

One of my oldest online friends helped make this site what it is today. Its a valuable resource for pro and semi-pro cinema videographers from around the world. The latest news and great reviews that are both honest and unbiased with gear testing in both lab and ‘real world’ shooting situations. Their reviews and feedback are not only helpful for the consumers, but they also help shape the industry by influencing what gets made or released in firmware updates.

From a strong and active video forum with a lot of well respected cinematographers and producers, to the latest news and reviews, DV Info is a great resource with lots of community support.

This is where my online experience all started for me – The forum has long fizzled out but this use to be the place to ‘hang out’ with peers and learn from each other. It’s mentioned here for nostalgic reasons.