20 Years Experience

David is involved in every project we do and is our main videographer and editor. This not only results in a lower cost but also a better communication with you, the client, making the process, from concept to delivery, one that often exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Customer Focus

Because we do keep a smaller overhead and only expend with contract workers as needed, We are able to select the videos best suited for our skill sets and the ones we feel passionate about. This allows us to keep our focus on your project. At play or at sleep, our minds are continually working. The creative process is 24/7 and combined with our skill sets, this gives us a clear advantage over our competitors.

Professional & Fun

Last but not least, We have a fun & creative energy that is contagious and we feel it shows in our work and character. David’s name and integrity are important to him which is why he called the business David Mathew Bonner. We are not only here to help you develop a video that fulfills your needs, but also to help your business be seen. Our understanding of search engines, social networking and marketing is an asset that goes beyond the lens and will help you reach your goals faster and with a greater success

St Albert Videographer Top three 2020