At David Mather Bonner Video Productions we take your safety seriously and follow protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID 19.  We practice social distancing while shooting, wear face coverings, wash our hands often and most importantly, we stay home if we are sick with any of the symptoms. It has been over 20 years since I started up my  videography company in Edmonton, and I can count on one head the amount of times I have been sick for a shoot. In hindsight, I see now how I simply worked through it, and would be sick as a dog the following days. With COVID, we have had to become more honest with how we are feeling and if we are possibly coming down with something we stay home. You can rest assured that we won’t put you or your staff at risk.

edmonton video production

Edmonton Video Production

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Contact us for a free consultation if you need an Edmonton Videographer .  With over 25 years of Professional Video Production, we can help you go from concept to creation and get your message out to your targeted audience.

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