Alberta Health Services approached David with the need to create a fun music parody video that educated staff on the importance of washing your hands. They had a few people involved by the time he came on board which included a dance choreographer, who is also a nurse,  and a rock group which was mainly composed of doctors.

The lead singer of the band wrote a parody to the song “I am a believer”  and provided David a copy of the song while Alberta Health provided  requirements the video needed to meet.  These included locations and people that had to be in the video.

The challenge David faced was how to tie it all  together in a way that made sense.  It didn’t take long for him to think of making it all a dream. From there, the ideas just flowed. David  created the storyboard and the rest is history.  With the help of the Choreographer, they mixed dance sequences into the video and with the help of an enthusiastic group, the created a few improve scenes as well. The main actor of the video was the actual singer, and David was able to work all the real band members into the video as well.

This video has been well received and has been used across the world at different hospitals as part of their hand washing orientation.