David Mathew Bonner Video Productions serves our clients' communication needs by producing technically sound videos with creative content at a reasonable price. With over 15 years of video production experience, we are able to deliver on time and on budget.


We can help guide you from concept to creation and build a production plan that suits your needs and achieves your goals in the most cost-effective way possible. Get A Quote!


We love photography and shoot both with film and digital cameras and even develop our own film. We specialize in event coverage and enjoy creative portrait sessions as well. Get A Quote!


Social media is all about relationships. For a business, its about the relationship you have with your clients, employees, and stakeholders. We believe video and photography to be the most effective way to build and maintain those relationships. If you are looking to build a stronger social media presence, we can help.Get A Quote!


We are professional videographers and can provide everything from corporate videography, music videos, marketing videos, legal video depositions, video record seminars, speaking engagements, medical exams, conferences, corporate events, industrial videos, news gathering, safety videos, training video, social media videos, broadcast and even documentaries.

Whatever it is, we are able to accommodate your needs. Together we can collaborate on a video that meets your requirements and budget. We are located outside of Edmonton, in St. Albert and serve the greater Edmonton region. We also travel frequently across Alberta, from Calgary to Fort McMurry and everywhere in-between.

Do you need creative video & photography for social media content?

David Mathew Bonner started video professionally in 1997 for Artistic Creations. He worked there, full-time, for almost four years and was their editor and top videographer. In the winter of 2000, David left for the opportunity to start up a new video department at McMaster Photographers & Video. He spent almost 2 years there with the knowledge that he, eventually, wanted to be on his own. In the fall of 2001, he realized that dream and started David Mathew Bonner Video Productions.

At the root of the company is David’s personal commitment to provide quality and great service. It’s his passion, imagination, workmanship and progressive skills that makes the difference. David keeps his client's best interest in mind and only commits to projects he feels qualified and confident in producing.


Our Skills

This is a progressive market and we are continually learning and mastering our skills.

  • Video Production 95%

  • Video Editing - Premiere 95%

  • After Effects 85%

  • Photography 90%

  • Photoshop 80%

  • Lightroom 85%

  • Creative Concepts 95%

why choose us

David is involved in every project we do and is our main shooter and editor. This not only results in a lower cost but also a better communication with you, the client, making the process, from concept to delivery, one that often exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Because we do keep a smaller overhead and only expend with contract workers as needed, We are able to select the videos best suited for our skill sets and the ones we feel passionate about. This allows us to keep our focus on your project. At play or at sleep, our minds are continually working. The creative process is 24/7 and combined with our skill sets, this gives us a clear advantage over our competitors.

Last but not least, We have a fun & creative energy that is contagious and we feel it shows in our work and character. David's name and integrity are important to him which is why he called the business David Mathew Bonner. We are not only here to help you develop a video that fulfills your needs, but also to help your business be seen. Our understanding of search engines, social networking and marketing is an asset that goes beyond the lens and will help you reach your goals faster and with a greater success.

Our Featured Services

Motion Video

Full HD Production with a whole lot of toys available such as sliders, jibs, drones, go pros...you name it, we can probably get it.


We shoot with both film and digital cameras and even develop our own film.

Social Media

We provide social media content and can help deliver your message to a targeted audience.


“HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MAKE A VIDEO?”There are hundreds of factors that will affect the cost of video production but at the end of the day it all comes down to the bottom line. And the bottom line is we need to know your bottom line – or at least a ballpark figure to work with. From $750 to $75,000, let us know up front so we can help guide you from concept to creation and build a production plan that suits your needs and achieves your goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

Small Production

$750 - $4500

  • A lot of marketing videos, presentations, seminars, basic training videos, and social media video productions can be completed within this budget range

Medium Production

$4500 - $15,000

  • Mid size to larger companies looking for a creative training, orientation, promotional or company profile video usually fall into this price range

Large Production

$15,000 and up

  • Projects that require a lot of detailed shooting, actors , special talent, dynamic set ups, larger crews, and or specialized equipment/cameras to achieve visual goals or companies that may require multiple videos over a coarse of time to build a complete project or modular fall into this category.


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Happy Clients


David Mathew Bonner


David has over 15 years experience in Video Productions. He is a gifted storyteller with a strong imagination and a passion for motion photography. David’s skill at solving the technical details necessary to achieve his creative vision is one of the driving forces behind our company’s success. David is also very easy going and fun to be around, yet professional and focused. This helps to create a positive working atmosphere which brings out the best in everyone. As a Director and Cinematographer, he is able to use this relaxed and lighthearted demeanor to put his subjects at ease in front of the camera, making the productions better and experience more enjoyable.


Terryl Kay Myrholm-Bonner ID Dip, B Ed

Assistant Producer/Storyboard Artist

Terryl has nearly 20 years experience in Graphic Design  and layout.  She is an Art Major and English Minor. Terryl is a high school Communication Technology Teacher specializing in Photography, Video Production and Stop Motion Animation. Terryl utilizes her communication and english background in our script and storyboard development


Tyler Bliss

Director Of Photography/Cinematographer/Editor

Tyler graduated from Victoria Motion Pictures School in 2003. After graduation Tyler worked in the television and motion film industry working on various projects from reality TV to feature films. Tyler has a keen eye for detail and in-depth technical knowledge. He prides himself on keeping current on new industry developments.


Our Freelancers


Over the past 15 years, I have meet a lot of talented people in the video and film industry.  I’ve developed professional relationships with lighting technicians, sound mixers,  boom operators, actors, hair and make up artists, voice over talent, writers, camera operators, switchers, 3d CGI artists, after effect gurus, photographers, musicians and so on. These relationships allow me to build teams as needed for larger and complicated projects or for  ones that require  specialized equipment or skill-sets. It’s important to note that we don’t subcontract work out, but we will hire freelancers to work with us on jobs we are doing.  Having freelancers available instead of on staff allows me to not only keep my overhead down, but more importantly, it allows me the freedom to choose the jobs I want to do and to stay focused on the quality and creativity.